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Bad Hero movie

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And The #1 Worst Superhero Movie of All Time The Worst Superhero Movies Of All Time. With all these bad Spoof movies like Date movie, Not Another Teen Movie,Epic Movie and Disaster Movie. I consider myself a superhero movie fan, but of this list, I’ve only seen 4 in their entirety. The Ten Worst Superhero Movies of All Time : Apropos of Something Everybody does bad movies for gods sake.. Superhero. It felt like a scene straight from. With Matt Zemlin, Hubertus Geller, Yanik Zitzmann, Nina Fischer. Superhero Movie (2008) - IMDb Title: Superhero Movie (2008) 4.3. Jason known as the boss of the drug dealer's playground. This movie positively SCREAMS early 90’s. which was two too many — but that's the thing about superhero movies.. First rule of bad movies:. . Really. Bad Hero (2010) - IMDb Directed by Matt Zemlin, Falk Schultz. By Brian Salisbury, Staff | Friday, April 16, 2010

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